Who We Are

New Sonoma is governed by a Citizen's Advisory Committee that:

  • Works together to identify problems and develop solutions

  • Monitors the actions of our local politicians and ensures they hear from us when they are not acting in the County’s best interest

  • Performs research and prepares white papers that are sent to the Citizens of New Sonoma, and posted on this website to expose problems in our government so they will become known and addressed

Citizen’s Advisory Committee Members

Ken Churchill has over 40 years of business and financial management experience as founder, CEO and CFO of a solar energy company and environmental consulting firm. He sold both companies and now grows wine grapes and produces wines under his Churchill Cellars label. For the past three years, Ken has been actively researching and studying the pension crisis and published a report titled The Sonoma County Pension Crisis - How Soaring Salaries, Retroactive Pension Increases and Poor Management Have Destroyed the County's Finances.

Nancy Hair is a semi-retired CPA and financial office director for a Forbes 400 family in San Francisco. Previously, she was Treasurer of a Marin County software company and CFO of several major San Francisco non-profits. She has been active in animal welfare. Thought she is a lifelong Democrat, she is increasingly concerned about and focused on wasteful, misguided, unsustainable government at all levels.

Robert Williamson worked 33 years for Chevron in various financial management positions. He served as Assistant Corporate Comptroller and as the fiduciary for their pension and retirement plans. He concluded his career as General Manager of Worldwide Audit. He has a BA in Economics and Psychology from the University of Florida and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. Recently he has been actively involved in reviewing County budgets and researching the pension crisis and Sonoma Clean Power.

Bob Andrews began his career in the Exchange Bank Trust Department. In 1981, along with actuary Jim Jordan, he founded Jordan & Andrews, Consultants and Actuaries, a company specializing in the design, installation, and ongoing administration of qualified retirement plans. He served as President of the firm from 1996 through 2008, when he retired to pursue other consulting and writing projects. Bob writes a regular column for North Bay Biz magazine. He served on the City of Santa Rosa's task force on Pension Reform and is currently serving on Santa Rosa's Charter Review Committee. He has a Law Degree from Stanford University.

Don Test has been a resident of the County since 1965. Most of his career he has acquired and managed his real estate portfolio.  For the past 47 years Don has also be active in local politics. He was a former state legislators aid, and was Executive Director of the Russian River Region of the California Medical Association. He also served for six years on the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. He has an MA in Public Administration from CSU San Jose and a BA in Political Science from Dickerson College.