The County We Want

New Sonoma’s goal is to create a County that functions efficiently and cost effectively and ensures we receive the essential services we all depend upon for our quality of life. 

Our Plan

First, we will work with our current leaders and help them implement the changes we feel are necessary to restore our County's fiscal health. And we will help to elect candidates who understand the financial impacts of their decisions and will represent the people's interests over special interests.

We will also work to ensure the County is properly managed by making New Sonoma an important part of our local government. Its purpose will be to monitor our government’s actions, provide input into important financial decisions, and ensure the interests of citizens and taxpayers are properly represented in all important financial decisions.

Since the private sector is often more efficient than the public sector, we recommend our Supervisors increase the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of our government by creating opportunities for private firms to bid on County functions.

We will continue to work to roll back the pension formulas that were illegally granted to the employees in 2002 and to find a solution that works for all of us, the citizens and the employees and retirees. And if the the Supervisors and employees do not solve the pension problem we will create a ballot initiative that will allow the citizens to decide what public employee salaries and benefits should be.

We will insist on the immediate restoration of adequate funding for our roads because they are critical to our quality of life, safety, property values and flow of commerce.