Our Roads Crisis

I call the roads crisis our disaster in slow motion.

The most important job of Supervisor, since the early days when they were actually called “Roads Supervisors”, is the maintenance of our roads. The failure to carry out their main function has resulted in Sonoma County having the third worst roads of any county in California, a state with the second worst roads in the nation.

And, due to rising pension and salary costs, our roads are receiving only a small fraction of the funding they need. Since salaries and pensions consume 80% of our General Fund, that is where cuts need to occur. And when I say salaries need to be cut, I am referring to the bloated senior management.


Right now 65% of our County’s roads are considered failed and in need of reconstruction and all the secondary roads, are no longer receiving routine pavement preservation. To me that is simply unacceptable and, as your Supervisor, I won’t accept it. 

I am proud to receive the endorsement of SOS Roads. “Save Our Sonoma Roads is a group of Sonoma County citizens advocating to repair and protect roads throughout Sonoma County. We are supporting Ken
Churchill for 4th District Supervisor because he recognizes the vital importance of safe and well-maintained roads. He the right person for the job and we believe he has the best plan for funding our roads.”