White Papers & Articles


This document provides an analysis of the County's pension system and compares our County's pension costs with 7 other counties. The analysis determined that Sonoma County is approaching balance sheet insolvency and has pension costs that are double our neighboring counties as a percentage of the General Fund. New Sonoma's Financial Analysis of the County's Pension Crisis .pdf
Currently there is no taxpayer oversight of the pension system. This document is our recommendation  for creating a Citizens Review Board that will work with the Board of Supervisors and all other stakeholders to develop a sustainable pension system and preserve the services taxpayers deserve:New Sonoma's Citizens Review Board Recommendation.pdf
Here is a quick summary of the Sonoma County pension problems in Q&A form: The Simple Facts About Sonoma County Pensions.pdf
Here is our complete report  on The Sonoma County Pension Crisis - How Retroactive Benefit Increases, Overly Generous Salaries, and Poor Financial Management Have Destroyed the County's Finances:The Sonoma County Pension Crisis.pdf 
This is story of how the Sonoma County Employee Retirement Association and Board of Supervisors did not follow the procedures required by law for increasing pension benefits: Sonoma County Pension Increase Process - The Story of Gross Incompetance or a Billion Dollar Scam.pdf
This article describes how retroactive pension increases blew up the pension plan The BIG Problem with Retroactive Increases.pdf

Here is a spreadsheet comparing Sonoma County with the other 19 CERL counties in California:  Comparrison of CERL Counties Average Salaries.pdf
Here is the story of how the Sonoma County pension increase, originally estimated to cost $90 million over 20 years has cost the County $323 million so far Cost of Benefit Increase_8_25_2012-1.pdf

County Roads

To learn more about our roads, visit Sonoma Save Our Sonoma County Roads at www.sosroads.org

Sonoma Clean Power

Here is a report on Sonoma Clean Power's green washing: Sonoma Clean Power's Green-washing.pdf
Here is the Feasibility Study for Sonoma Clean Power: CCA Feasibility Report 101211.pdf
Here is an article on why Sonoma Clean Power is a question of trust in our local officials. Sonoma Clean Power - A Question of Trust.pdf
Here is an article on how the price of energy could cause major problems for our Power Authority: http://www.marinij.com/cleanenergy/ci_15025315

Here is an article describing how it is difficult to get large local renewable power plants permitted. http://www.marinij.com/cleanenergy/ci_15025314